I, like many out there suffer from PCOS. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome afflicts a wide variety of women. One of the ways of managing the symptoms is to control what you eat. Studies have shown that a low GI diet can help. I despise the word diet as the word  seems so restricting and limited. I prefer to think in terms of making healthy, smart and delicious choices. In searching for my own answers I have been collecting recipes and would like to share them with you. Having PCOS doesn’t mean you cannot eat well. Please join me!

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  1. Thank you for following my blog! When I clicked on your link I was excited to see the subject of your blog… Having been recently diagnosed with PCOS, and being told I need to manage my diet and try to lose weight, I have been feeling a little overwhelmed trying to figure out where to start. It’s great to have a place where I can find healthy recipes to help me along!

  2. Hey PCOS Cookbook. I love your blog. I have only known that I have PCOS for 2 years, and finding your blog was a wonderful godsend for me. I am currently trying to change my diet in ways that you are suggesting and I am finding that they work.

    For your help to me, I am nominating you for the Liebster Award. This award is primarily because I want to know more about you personally and because I think your blog kicks ass and I love hearing for you. So, if you want more details on this award process and want to see the questions I have posed to you, etc., then this is the link to my post: If you want more details on what you have to do, then my post on my nomination is here: http://cleitch92.wordpress.com/2013/05/19/an-award-for-my-blog-what/

    I hope you accept this and have fun. I will keep following you.

  3. I’m so glad I found your blog. I was recently diagnosed with PCOS and everything I have read is just terrifying! I’m an extreme foodie, and I had a meltdown when I found out about all of the restrictions. These recipes look amazing! So thank you so much!!!

  4. Your blog is just fantastic! I got diagnosed with PCOS a few years ago. I have been struggling to find great recipes and then I stumbled on your blog today! Super! Keep sharing!

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