Paleo Pancakes

In my youth my dad, bless his heart, would get up every morning and make us breakfast before school. As a young girl that did not eat eggs, this generally meant pancakes. And as most children are, I was ungrateful for the kind things that my dad did for us. I grew to hate pancakes. They would appear on the table, steaming and hot with fresh butter and a little bit of syrup, and I hated them.


As a grown woman who never has anyone offer to make her anything let alone a stack of fresh pancakes, I have changed my feelings toward pancakes and now cherish them as a symbol of love and devotion. I enjoy them so much and even more so because they are certainly on the ‘do not eat’ plan.


My sweet husband knows my love of pancakes and surprised me with a stack of my very own pancakes, made specifically for my no carb plan. They are simple and do not really taste like pancakes…but sort of… enough to curb the craving for sugar and carb laden death pancakes.


Paleo Pancakes from (Marks Daily Apple)

2 bananas

1 tbs of almond butter

1 egg


Blend the bananas, almond butter and egg in a blender. Heat butter in pan. Pour small pancakes in. Cook on low until set on one side and flip. Cook other side until they are finished. Top with fresh berries or fruit and a little bit of coconut butter.


(note: this is a bit high in sugars, as the bananas are sugary naturally, so if your are really really watching the carb intake this may not be for you….but considering the alternative…I think we have a winner)

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