This Changes Everything…………

I am not sharing this with anyone I know personally, so feel part of the privileged interwebs. I am pregnant. wha? I wasn’t quite ready for this, and it majorly messes up my travel plans to Ireland and Mexico this summer. I guess that not not trying actually works. I don’t feel too different. I have a few major cramps, but they are few and far between. I am short of patience which was actually the tip-off for me. I am incredibly patient and the last two days I was a short fuse. I haven’t lost any weight, and that totally makes sense if my body is ramping up its baby making machine. Right now I am calling it a sea-monkey and not making any plans or buying junk. I figure if this thing makes it until April, then I can start to reset my life. I am going to document it on this blog, and we will see how it all goes.

I am dumb-founded and unsure.

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